About Orangeman Productions

orangeman-logo-2Orangeman Productions provides the very best DJ talent in Houston. Picking a DJ for an event can be very risky, and overly complicated. We alleviate the risk by vetting DJs for you, and simplify the process to make your life easier.

Fill out our simple online form to let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the best available DJ for your event.

For aspiring DJs, OrangeMan Productions offers one-on-one training to bring up future OrangeMan DJs.

For professional DJs, OrangeMan Productions is an exclusive group of DJs in the 99 percentile of DJs. If you’re amazing at what you do, we’ll keep you busy doing it. Fill our our Audition Form If you are interested in auditioning as an OrangeMan DJ.

How Orangeman Got Its Name

In my junior year of high school, I incorporated my DJ, singing, and dancing talents into an audition for the Perfect “Mayde” Man competition held at Mayde Creek High School in Katy, Texas. I rented a dance studio to audition my backup dancers, remixed a series of boy-band songs, and even ordered pyrotechnics from a magic shop in LA for the big finale. Strobe lights, black lights, black light paint, costume changes, props, the whole nine yards. I made the top 5 finalists, and the only Junior to make the top 5.

Orange was my favorite color, so I wore Orange in all of my performances. The day after the contest, I was sitting in my Spanish 2 class with a mix of Juniors and Seniors. One popular Senior (who didn’t know I existed) turned to another and said “Did you see that Orange Man last night, that was incredible!”. She didn’t know me by name, she knew me only by my talent.

OrangeMan DJs represent a standard of quality beyond the norm. The day after an OrangeMan event, guests may not remember our names, they may not remember the songs we played, but we damn sure guarantee they remember how much fun they had.