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Song Lists for DJs

As a DJ, it’s challenging to stay on top of what’s popular. You know what works, but you may not know what’s new and will work.

A great resource for Club DJs is Beat Port. Beat Port organizes songs by genre and ranks them based on what top DJs are spinning. If you find a great track, you can instantly purchase and download it from the site. [Read more…]

Which DJ Software Is Best?

DJ software first hit the market in 1998. Over the years, three major players have emerged. DJ software is a computer program that allows a DJ to organize large amounts of music files, mix and manipulate their sound, as well as connect usb controllers that emulate the feel of scratching a vinyl record. These programs have thousands of features, but I’m going to hit the main points.

Virtual DJ


[Read more…]

DJ Equipment Basics

From your fingers to their ears. Here’s a list of common DJ equipment and how it all works.

Turntables, CD Decks, and Laptops


DJs use all types of audio controllers. Many still use whatever they first used when they started out as a DJ. Others stay current with whatever the digital age brings. If you ask around, you’ll receive many different opinions on which of these is best, but my advice is to go to your local pro audio store and try out various controllers and see what you like. Make sure you’ve mastered your tool before ever performing at a live event. Music comes in many formats, but the most popular are vinyl records, CDs, and MP3. [Read more…]