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Houston Private Event DJs

There are numerous reasons to have a party. Young adults graduating college, or coming home from deployment, family reunions, someone getting a promotion or making it to 90 years.

Whatever the reason, you’ll want a professional DJ who can adapt to your group and their taste in music. At more casual events, amateur DJs will start to act like guests. Good DJs will adapt without losing focus on what they were brought there to do.

Is this the first time you’ve hired a DJ? No problem. We’ll not only provide you with one of the best DJs in town, but we’ll also help you brainstorm ideas for your party. We’ve been to so many events, and seen so many things. Some worked, others didn’t, and we’re happy to share this knowledge with you.

For more formal events, at a ballroom or venue, we communicate with the facility managers to make sure we’re all working together and not against each other. House lights won’t be left on when the dancing starts, and toasts won’t begin until all glasses are poured. The minutiae is our sandbox, and we know how to play.