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Houston Prom DJs


Proms are one of our most enjoyable events. Maybe it’s the nostalgia as we think back to our own school dances. Whatever it is, we understand that while on the surface prom is just one big party, there’s a whole lot that goes into making prom spectacular, and those involved never get enough credit. As you embark on planning for prom, take my advice and take the time to hire the right vendors, so everything else will fall into place.

You wouldn’t think that a prom DJ has a lot of responsibilities other than playing music and announcing the Prom King and Prom Queen, but there’s a few more. Prom audiences are very particular in the music they want to dance to. It’s a challenge to not only predict what the kids will like, but adapt to what is actually working. Building energy is very important, cycling through low bpm (beats per minute) songs and high bpm songs. Too many high bpm songs, and the crowd gets worn out, and far too sweaty to enjoy themselves. Too many low bpm songs, and the students begin dancing inappropriately. It’s a balance, and the DJ needs to always be watching the crowd to look for signs to transition bpm.

A DJ can earn the respect of the students while adhering to the standards set forth by the faculty. Students are going to request songs that the DJ can’t play (not even the cleanest version of the song).

At the end of the night, you want all of the students to still be at prom. The DJ’s performance will determine whether your students are at prom, or off elsewhere unsupervised, so please take this decision as serious as it is.