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Houston Reunion DJs

Even as the person responsible for organizing the reunion, you know that reunions can be horribly awkward and anxiety-ridden. You’re revisiting people you haven’t seen in over 10 years, who wouldn’t be nervous?

In my years as a DJ, I’ve met all kinds of reunion groups. It’s wildly interesting to witness groups come together after so many years, with so much in common despite the passing of time. Music is one of those commonalities that brings people together, and brings them back. The most unique feature of a reunion for us DJs is that we instantly know a lot about what you listened to, based on your graduation date. History tells us what hit songs were likely played at your prom, and what songs you partied hard studied hard to freshman year in college.

You, the person responsible for this reunion, was either self appointed, or chosen by the student body years ago. Sometimes, a leader emerges after unsuccessful attempts at reunions. Whether you have voluntarily taken on this challenge, or were chosen to do so, your alumni are counting on you to bring one hell of an event.

Whether you book a DJ from us or not, please don’t take short cuts with the entertainment. The entertainment is the best way to cut through what is traditionally an awkward experience. At the end of many reunions, guests will come up to me saying things like “Man, I didn’t expect you to play [artist name] – I haven’t heard that in years.” We do our homework to make sure our music selection is on point. It’s not uncommon for our reunions to end with guests requesting us to extend our time. Something check with the venue on in the instance that everyone wants to go a bit later.

If you hire the right vendors, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the reunion. Remember to delegate, so you’re not stuck running around all night putting out fires. If you choose to have us on your team, we’ll be by your side to make sure everything goes better than planned.