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Houston Sweet 16 DJs

Looking for a DJ for your daughter’s sweet 16? First off, you’re an awesome parent. Not all parents think like you. Many assume they can just hook up an iPod to the home speakers and call it a party. You know better, because last time you tried, a wrestling match broke out over what song would be played next, and not a single song made it to the hook before someone switched it up.

Sixteen is a complicated age, as you well know. Best friends turn enemies turn BFFs. There’s a lot of anxiety in hoping people will come to your party. For us parents, it’s not going through all the trouble for nothing, it’s how hurt our daughter would feel if nobody came to her party. Having a DJ at the party, and letting people know in the invitation makes a huge statement to high school students. It brings them relief that much of the attention in the room will be on the music and the DJ, so that even the more shy of the group will be comfortable.

Sixteen can be a really fun age. Once the event starts, we’ll warm up the crowd with a few hits they know, at an energy level just above the room, but not too much. If you come out of the gate with the hottest song, the resistance to be the first one dancing gives a contagious false signal that the DJ or music is bad. We ease into it for a couple songs. Once we’ve read the crowd and identified the leaders of the group, (they will always be the first to dance) we simply ask them, in private, what we can play to get them dancing. They’re sixteen, they’ll tell us exactly what they want. They then tell us the song we already knew would work, but they chose it, so they are now obligated to follow through with the indirect pact we just made, and dance. Not only will they dance, but they will start grabbing people out to the dance floor to prove they chose a perfect song. And they did!

Some DJs wait too long for the crowd to naturally warm up. You’re paying good money for us to be there, so there’s no excuse for us to drag it out. There are plenty of hit songs to get to, so we want to get things started as soon as possible. We’re also not desensitized to how neat DJ equipment can be to a first-timer. We often encourage the birthday girl to come up and spin a few tracks. We’ll assist her as needed, but we’ll also jump out of the shot so you can grab some classic pictures of your little girl DJing her party.

We think about the big picture. We know how important this party is to your daughter and how important your daughter is to you. If you choose to have our DJs come out, we won’t let her down.