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Houston Wedding DJs


Almost ten times out of ten, it’s the soon-to-be-bride picking out the DJ. So, ladies, let’s talk.

Your wedding is a way of expressing you and your new relationship. Music is very personal. The music played at your reception not only sets the mood for your party, but can make the difference between your guests having a good time or not. If you think I’m trying to over-hype the DJ’s importance, just think back to any one of the boring weddings you’ve been to. What was missing? Energy, right? Excitement? Maybe they lacked communication with their guests, and you missed the father-daughter dance? All of this is taken care of when you have a good DJ.

The greatest compliments we’ve received from brides and grooms is that they were able to enjoy their party. Sounds crazy that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy you’re own party, but when things go wrong, everyone comes to you. You don’t want to run your wedding, you want to eat with your loved ones, mingle with old friends, and dance the night away. You want to relax.

By now I’m sure someone’s told you that planning a wedding is going to be one of the 10 most stressful events of your life. Well, it’s true, it’s going to be a lot of work and stress. But, once you’ve married the love of your life, finished pictures, and finally arrived your party, all responsibility is lifted off your shoulders and placed on the DJ. Whether you decide to hire one of our DJs or not, please think twice before price shopping for the cheapest DJ. It’s worth the extra cost to get a professional DJ who can deliver your dream reception.

We will give your wedding the attention and personal service we would give our own daughter’s wedding. This isn’t just a job for us. Making memories is our passion.