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Corporate Event Tips

Singing the blues away

We all love those corporate outings that get us out of the office and doing something fun with our coworkers and their families. Whether a picnic or paintball outing, you want the ultimate experience, and setting the right atmosphere plays into that. Most DJs have the personality to get the crowd into the music that’s bumping through the sound system, whether by getting on the microphone and getting the crowd excited, or by playing a quality mix that works as great background music.

When you’re planning your corporate event, you’ll want to find a DJ that can produce the right atmosphere to keep everybody in an upbeat mood and enjoying the day out of the office. Most DJs can provide you with either a list of the genres for which they have radio edit songs, or even a playlist consisting of all the music they can play for your gathering. But how do you go about finding the right DJ for your corporate outing?

References are Gold

When you’re ready to book your DJ, take the time to either see a performance of theirs or get references from those who have hired the DJ in the past. Seeing their performance will give you a better feel for their style and how they interact with the crowd, letting you decide if what they bring to the table is what you’re looking for. When you ask a DJ for references, make sure to ask for corporate references. DJing a wedding or high school dance is a completely different animal than DJing a corporate event, and you want to ask the opinions of those who have worked with the DJ in a similar setting to your own.

Determine your Style

When you’re searching for the perfect DJ, knowing the genres the specific DJ plays most often can be helpful, but it’s equally important to decide what type of music you want played at your corporate event. While any DJ can push music out of their speakers, a DJ who specializes in high school proms will probably have a different style of DJing than you might be looking for. In general, it can be helpful if you search for DJs who specialize in corporate events, as they’ll have experience and can help cater to your needs and desires better than a DJ that has limited corporate gathering experience.

Scheduling your DJ

While references and viewing DJ performances will help you narrow down your search, you should aim to schedule your DJ a few months in advance of your corporate outing. Many of the better DJs around are booked for months in advance, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Once you’ve decided upon your DJ, you’ll want to ask them questions about pricing. Any credible DJ will ask you to put up a deposit and sign a contract, locking them in for the event and locking you into paying them. Negotiate a price that works for both you and the DJ, and then finalize the date and time for the event, the DJs equipment and electrical needs, and any backup gear the DJ has in case of a malfunction.

When all is said and done, you’ll have gone through the process to hire the perfect DJ for your event. So long as you do your due diligence, ask for references and follow up with them, set a budget, and meet with your DJ to discuss specifics and ask any questions you have that will help you choose the right DJ, you’ll set up the perfect corporate event with the perfect DJ for the job.