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Tips To Book A Private Event DJ


Choosing the right DJ for your private event can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the event planning process. Depending on the event, booking the right DJ may determine its success. Booking a disc jockey can be one of the most confusing and frustrating processes of the planning of your event. While you can create the perfect atmosphere at the perfect venue, if your music and DJ are subpar, you can quickly lose the audience and end up throwing a dud of a party. So, with thousands of DJs out there claiming to be able to handle any event, how do you go about choosing one for your event?

Setting a Budget

While it would be great to hire a world-renowned DJ for your private event, most of us don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to throw on a DJ. Like anything else, you get the DJ you pay for, and you will need to set aside a sizable budget to hire one that will enhance your event rather than pay less for a DJ who can’t perform to your specifications.

Now, don’t let your budget deter you in your search. Though, you shouldn’t dictate your search on the budget you currently have in place. Many DJs will work with you to discover ways you could bring additional revenue to your budget to hire them. But remember, a DJ who charges more is generally more experienced, has better honed their craft, has better equipment and a more complete music library than a less expensive DJ.

What to Ask?

Whatever you do, don’t start off your interview with a DJ by asking how much they charge. No DJ will be able to answer this question without knowing all of the details of your event; the type of event, the location, how long you expect your DJ to be playing music, and any other requests you might have of your DJ on the day of the event.

Rather than ask prices, ask the DJ their experience working events similar to yours. This will let you know in a short amount of time if the DJ you’re working with can handle your event. Once the DJ has proven their abilities to you, ask for references and any additional information they provide their clients.

Then, ask about their DJing style, technique, and how they perform in a similar setting. Any DJ worth hiring will be happy to refer you to previous clients, and by asking the right questions, you’ll get a better idea as to how the DJ operates and if they can make your event a night to remember.

Gear and Equipment

When you ask your DJ about the gear they use, you’re likely to be told they have the greatest equipment money has to offer, but unless you’re an audio engineer, or just a music and audio nerd, you probably won’t know the difference between brands and models. Most likely, the brands your DJ uses aren’t those you’re familiar with. If you hear any of the brands you can purchase at your local electronics shop, ask to make sure they didn’t buy inadequate equipment for your event – most consumer stereo gear isn’t made to produce for four or more hours. Perhaps just as important as the gear your DJ uses is knowing what backup equipment they take with them to their events. You never know when a speaker will blow, and rather than risk your event going belly up, make sure you hire a DJ who will be prepared for even the worst of unforeseen situations.

Finding the right DJ for your private event takes some time, so plan accordingly. Don’t begin your search with just a few weeks until your event. Try to start searching no less than a few months before the event, as many DJs are booked out at least one month in advance. The right DJ can make your event the talk of the town – or at least amongst your friends and family. All you have to do is find them, and you’re sure to throw an event that will rival all future events you or your friends will throw.