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Tips to Book a Wedding DJ


With your wedding planning going full steam ahead, pretty soon, you’re going to need to begin your search for a DJ. But where do you even begin? With a wide variety of DJs specializing in more genres than ever, it’s important to know which type of DJ will be best for your wedding, and how to find them.

Before You Begin

While you could just search for a random DJ online, this wouldn’t necessarily provide you with the results you’re looking for. You may be so early in the wedding process that you don’t even know what you even want in a DJ. That’s why you should sit down with your fiancé, your family and theirs, and talk it out. What music does everyone love? Do either of you loathe certain music? What do you hear when you imagine your guests grooving on the dance floor?

All of these questions will lead to a detailed conversation that will help you determine just what it is you want from your wedding DJ. But knowing what you want is just part of the battle.

Finding Your DJ

You may have a friend who is a local DJ who can put together a great dance mix for the club, but do they have any wedding experience? What about running a one-man show with mobile gear? While your friend or acquaintance may be a confident DJ, if they don’t have experience in a wedding setting, or if they aren’t the greatest MC or doesn’t work well in a group setting – the DJ won’t be the only one working on your wedding day – you may want to steer clear of your DJ friend.

So, with your friend out of the picture, where will you turn for your wedding DJ? What do you want to ask them to test not only their knowledge of the wedding atmosphere, but to also get a taste for how they’ll communicate with your guests as your MC?

Ask the Right Questions

When the time comes for you to set appointments with DJs, you need to know some basic questions going into your meetings. Hopefully these will lead you to more detailed questions that fit your wants, but if not, the following will help you narrow down your search to a few quality DJs who can more than handle your wedding.

  • How experienced is the DJ at the type of venue you’ve chosen for your wedding reception? Do they have a proven track record of interacting positively with venue staff?
  • Will the DJ meet with you and your fiancé to learn your taste of music? Some DJs will provide “DJing packages” that have the DJ come equipped with all of their mobile gear, including lights and other “free” elements that you may not even care for. Rather than settle for a one-size-fits-all DJ, dig deeper in your questioning and make sure the one you choose is the perfect DJ for your big day.
  • Is your DJ part of a network within the private event industry? What organizations are they affiliated with? If your DJ is part of a group that represents excellence in the field, you may find more comfort in hiring them.
  • What happens if the DJ gets sick the day before your wedding and can’t perform the job? Can the DJ find a suitable replacement without risking a loss in quality performance?
  • Does the DJ have backup equipment and a plan should any of their gear malfunction? Just because your DJ’s speaker might go out doesn’t mean your wedding reception will come to a halt, but if your DJ isn’t prepared, it can negatively affect your wedding atmosphere.
  • Hiring the perfect DJ for your wedding isn’t a task you should take lightly. It takes time, thought, and action to find the right disc jockey for your wedding, and you won’t find the best for the job without giving your search the attention it deserves. There are plenty of DJs out there who specialize in weddings, and while some of them won’t be able to provide you with the sound you’re wanting for your big day, there are plenty who are skilled and more than capable of bringing you everything you could dream of from your DJ. Don’t let the best DJ slip through your fingers; get the ball rolling and begin searching for your wedding DJ today.